Norway in Space

Norwegian Mars Explorer

A little dream about Norway going out to space... (First image) Kind of like the idea of a rotating ring to create a little artificial gravity...

Norwegian Stellar Explorer

Here we are of to the stars! The spaceship is a little more elaborate now, mainly with the help of Theran Cochran's great Truss-include files.

This was made for an animation, but the animation is to big to upload here.

The Introduction of The Euro

Around the time the € Euro was introduced, I was playing around with Michael Hough's sunset/sky-tutorial, and with Nathan O'Brien's classical column-file. The TV was on in the background, (BBC World) droning about the introduction of the Euro, and the potential of a power-struggle with the US dollar. So the building become a temple with the dollar on the alter and the euro-"shark" lurking in the water. The euro posed a little problem, even though it was in the font-file, POV-Ray wouldn't display it, so it was made up of a clipped C and two hyphens. And a little fin made in sPatch. Tried to add some flames to the candles and the pots, but no matter what I did, they looked like crap.

Here is some close-ups:

Lose Money Fast

Nieminen Juha posted in September 1999 on the POV-Ray news-server a moneymaking "scheme" (read: scene) ;). Well, here is an old image I made that works the opposite way... (Not a good one, the dollar-bills too small). This is the only scene that survived my DoubleSpace crash. It is from when I was learning to use image_maps.