My POV-Ray related material

Here I will put up some of my POV-Ray related files and tools.

  • I have my old IOR list that I made back in the dark ages (1994), now in the fourth revision containing IOR-values for +2850 different minerals. If you are into POV-Ray and crystals, then this is a must!

  • is a simple macro that creates a dice-object with the requested face (# of dots) facing up. (My first macro...)

  • is a very simple flat panel TV that you can use in an animated scene to display an animation. Originally it was a fairly elaborate old-fashioned TV in a wood cabinet, but the wonders of DoubleSpace made it disappear along with about 3 years worth of POV-Ray scenes ;( The animation routine is mostly restored (it is functioning), but I haven't had time to recreate the TV, so I put together a simple flat panel TV. If you make a better TV and want to share it with the world, please let me know and I can include it in the file.

  • And a little gallery with some of my images. (318kB with the images!!!)

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